Opportunity for Experienced Teachers to Participate in a Medical Mission 

Native English speaking teachers with a minimum of 3 years classroom experience, are being recruited to conduct English classes in the refugee camps in Bangladesh for the Rohingya people. ESL credentials are not required.

English must be your first language

Three years classroom experience.

FYI: Background check will be conducted

Copy of your resume/CV and Teaching Credential(s) 

Two teachers will be part of a team which includes doctors and nurses working in OBAT’s Medical Clinic in the Rohingya refugee camps outside of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. Teacher volunteers will be assisted by a Rohingya speaker.


The course work has been tailored to the needs of the clinic’s translators and community health workers. The curriculum reflects the goal of increased English fluency and increased basic knowledge of the human body with an emphasis on helping our students become more competent in translating for the Rohingya patients, as they assist foreign medical volunteers. 


We hope to add a second group of students to begin attending classes once we get this pilot program up and running. For this second group, each clinic worker will bring a family member to be a student in a beginning, pre-literate class. We hope to get English being spoken in the home between the two learners in the family, thus exposing the entire household. Homework has been designed for students to share what they learn with each other.  


Curriculum materials/lesson plans are being readied. You will be able to access the lessons for your week(s) before you leave home. Once you are confirmed, you will be invited to join a shared Google Docs folder. Many books about the human body and many ESL books have been scanned and can be accessed online. 


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IMPORTANT: This is a brand new program. Instructional materials are being developed. On the ground, discoveries will be made (by the teacher volunteers) and feedback will be used to adjust content. We are only looking for very independent, self starters who are comfortable jumping into a developing situation. Interest in curriculum development is essential. 

You will not have a supervisor to assist you. Obat Helper’s staff will be there to help if issues arise and to get you familiarized with the set up. But, jumping right in and teaching is on you! Working in a program in it’s initial weeks requires a flexibility to modify and adjust once we see how the lesson templates we’ve designed work in real life. Being a self starter is a must!  It will be hard, but incredibly rewarding work.


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